Dragons and their world are the most amazing part of my Spiritual life. They have come forward to guide me and work with me is a myriad of different ways. 

   Dragons have been given a thousand years of "bad press",they were portrayed as huge, angry, destructive creatures that munched on beautiful maidens and the local towns livestock. Terrorising the land and the people on it in their insatable lust for blood.

   This image was, in the main, a product of spin-doctoring  - taking an image and idea which was intrinsically linked to the Goddess and turning them into monsters. 

For me, the truth is, they couldn't be further from monsterous.

They have been nothing but kind, loving and generous with their power and energy. 

I have always been connected and facinated by them, 

up until recently with films like "The neverending story" and "How to train your dragon"

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